PowerX Inc, Battery Tanker An Ocean Power Grid Project

A new way to carry electricity across the oceans

The world's first Battery Tanker to connect grids, islands, and nations.

Transport gigawatt hours of electricity across the oceans, sending surplus energy to those who need it.

There’s plenty of wind, solar, and thermal energy on Earth,

but not where people need it most.

So let’s ship it.

Creating a Battery Tanker

to bridge grids, islands, and nations.

Oceans can run deep, with seismic activity. Laying an underwater cable isn't always ideal.

The Battery Tanker can bridge energy sources across oceans, making connections that were once thought impossible.

The World's First Battery Tanker
Power Ark 100
Use Cases
The Power Ark series of ships are scalable in size and capacity. They can also be optimized for different missions. Connecting Grids, offshore wind farms, and longer distances are all within the scope of future Power Ark models.
Grid to Grid
Offshore Wind to Grid
Grid to Island
Decommissioned thermal or nuclear power plants can be retrofitted as connection ports.
It is estimated by 2060, more than 1,000 thermal power plants will be decommissioned world wide, creating many opportunities to use existing infrastructure to connect the Power Ark. Leveraging existing infrastructure greatly reduces cost of deployment.
A brighter future

The economics of the

Battery Tanker only get better

Battery densities have historically increased and battery prices have steadily decreased. As time progresses, the economics of shipping electricity will become increasingly better.
The Power Ark is designed to be mass produced and scalable, allowing for different configurations based on mission requirements
Bridging short distances can make an enormous difference.
The Power Ark can economically travel up to 300km with today's battery density. As densities increase, the Power Ark will be able to carry more power over longer distances.
There are many opportunities in the world where a short travel distance can connect independent grids. The Power Ark stores energy in DC, allowing for flexible power conversion when connected to a variety of grids.
Mission 2030
As battery densities increase and costs decrease, Battery Tanker will be able to transfer more power over longer distances more efficiently.
Battery densities are anticipated to decrease as battery technology continues to advance, which will enable the vessel to travel longer distances without frequent recharging and make the overall operation more cost-effective.
The Battery Tanker represents a transformative opportunity to establish a renewable power grid across oceans by efficiently transmitting electricity between countries. Acting as a mobile power station, Battery Tanker delivers renewable energy to geographically distant regions and enables sustainable development on a global scale.

The first ship is planned

to sail before 2026

Made in Imabari, Japan.
The maiden ship, names "Battery Tanker X" is planned to set sail on a proof of concept expedition in 2026.

Battery Tanker X

Lengths: 147 meters

Widths: 19.0 meters

Draft: 5.5 meters

GT: 8000 MT

Cruising Range: 300km

Propulsion System: Single shaft + Bow Thruster

Charge/Discharge Time: 3hours (Each)

Ship Classification Society: Class NK

Ship Registration: Japan


Battery: LFP / 96 Units

Total Capacity: 240MWh

PCS: 16 Units

Charge Controller: 8 Units

Power X Board Members
Director, President & CEO
Masahiro Ito
Masa launched his first company Yappa at just 17 years old. In 2014, Masa joined ZOZO Group through M&A and served as the CEO of ZOZO Technologies. Later, Masa was appointed as the Board member and COO of ZOZO, which is now well-known for his many innovative inventions, including 3D body measuring devices such as ZOZOSUIT and ZOZOMAT.
Chairman of the Board
Hardy T S Kagimoto, M. D.
Hardy is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Healios, a biotech company leading the development of stem cell derived regenerative therapies. Prior to that, he founded and ran as President and CEO of Aqumen Biopharmaceuticals. Graduated from Kyushu University School of Medicine, Hardy holds patents in the US, Europe, Japan and China.
External Director
Paolo Cerruti
Paolo is Co-Founder and COO of Northvolt, a homegrown European battery company that is building a Gigafactory in Sweden and has to date raised more than 6.5 Bn USD. Previously, Paolo was the VP of Purchasing and Industrial Strategy for Tesla, and was instrumental in the early scale-up of the company and its operations.
External Director
Caesar Sengupta
Caesar was formerly the VP and GM of Payments at Google, leading the Next Billion Users initiative across the company. He also oversaw Chrome OS, Google Pay and managed all payment systems. After 15 years at Google, Caesar has launched his new fintech startup Arta.
External Director
Mark Tercek
Mark led the environmental NGO the Nature Conservancy as its CEO for 11 years until 2019. Previously, he was MD and Partner at Goldman Sachs for 24 years. Mark now advises companies, investors, and NGOs on environmental strategies. He was recently appointed as Senior Advisor at Centerview Partners.
External Director
Mitsugu Serizawa
Mitsugu first joined Mitsui Bank (now Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp.) in 1980 and was appointed as COO of SMBC Europe Ltd. in 2005. Later, he led Manufacturers Bank (US) as Chairman and CEO. From 2015, he oversaw SMBC International Business as President and from 2018 to 2020 SMBC Operation Service as Deputy President.
External Director
Tatsuya Sakuma
Tatsuya was the Public Prosecutor of Tokyo, Naha and Niigata District Public Prosecutors Offices before being appointed to multiple government offices including the Ministry of Justice, Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office and more. He is now a lawyer and the Outside Director of companies such as AEON Financial Group.
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