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PowerX Signs a Partnership Agreement with Muroran City to Explore Utilization of the Battery Tanker in Hokkaido


PowerX, Inc. (Head Office: Minato City, Tokyo, Japan; Director, President & CEO: Masahiro Ito, hereafter, “PowerX”) has signed a comprehensive partnership agreement with Muroran City (Mayor: Takeshi Aoyama), Hokkaido, for the utilization of the Battery Tanker and storage batteries.
The agreement aims to support the cityʼs initiatives toward establishing carbon-neutral ports.

Main Contents of the Agreement• Consideration of utilizing Muroran Port as one of the base ports in Hokkaido for the operation of the Battery Tanker being developed by PowerX.
• Consideration of mutual cooperation between Muroran City’s offshore wind power-related industry and the development of Battery Tankers.
• Consideration of initiatives to enhance the region’s resilience, such as using renewable energy in the coastal area, forming a carbon-neutral port, creating new industries, and ensuring power supply during disasters.

About Muroran PortMuroran Port, an international base port, features a naturally excellent harbor formed by its inlet topography. The port area is calm, spacious, and has deep waters. Muroran Port, which has long supported the steel industry, is expected to play a role as a logistics base for the transportation of raw materials and products, as well as meeting the growing demands for high-quality specialty steel used in automotive parts and the energy industry. By considering the promotion of storage, supply, and utilization of renewable energy-derived power in the coastal area of Muroran Port, significant contributions can be made to the formation of a carbon-neutral port and the decarbonization efforts in the coastal area.

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